Coming Soon!!! XD

howdy! it’s me, with a little excerpt of my future best-seller, Sorceresses. here you go.

….. Emma was a human girl who was often teased because of an obsession with dragons, and who was much taller than everyone else. She was never satisfied with her few friends, and she had few because of her obsession. Often, to calm herself down every Saturday, she usually went out to the park and sang. She had an astonishing voice, and many people from all four corners of the city of Barrie came to hear her in person. When she went to the park one day, there was a man, with crowds around him, playing the ukulele In place of her. Emma was stunned. She dashed home to her apartment and slumped on her bed. “Life’s not fair.”
Meanwhile, Kespa was a Nightshade dragon who was both obsessed with humans and smaller than her classmates. Much smaller. Only the size of an average housecat, Kespa was always taunted, even by 4 out of 5 of her siblings! Kespa never had many friends. Madela, her only friend and older sister, slumped beside her. Kespa looked up at Madela and sighed. “Life’s not fair.”

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