Story: The Supagurls



Welcome to the year 3045, a time when just under half of the world’s population lives on another planet, not far from Earth. This planet is called Paratopia. Paratopia was discovered in 2303, when the Earth was getting crowded. This is a story of how both Paratopia and Earth were put in grave danger, caused by the wicked Dr. McEvilness, who lived just outside of the Canadian property of Paratopia, and the world was changed thereafter.




ZOOM! Went the rocket board, as a young teen of 11 that answered, if she felt like it, to the name of Emma, zipped by an alleyway, with a can of purple spray paint in her hand, and her jet-black quintuple braids snapping by behind her. Emma giggled. It was fun painting old men purple, as long as she didn’t get arrested. Again. She was notorious for causing trouble, and she had an entire gang of youngsters in her all-girl gang. Emma screeched to a halt at an old, (supposedly) abandoned warehouse. Four girls skidded up behind her. Each one was holding a can of spray paint in their favourite colour. Tessa was holding a neon green, Nevaeh grasped an electric blue, Macaila one-handedly juggled a bright peach coloured paint can, and the vivid magenta was being spun like a record on Jen’s index finger. All along where they had gone, they left a trail of their colours.

Emma escorted the girls into the warehouse. The city of Almera was careful not to destroy their warehouse, or the girls would grab their hyper-somboggleygoritan ray guns and blow up City Hall, which would take years to rebuild. On the wall, the logo for the Supagurls gang, the one Emma led, was covering the wall. It was plastered with all of the Supagurls’ favourite colours, and the gang name was covered in their five-colour rainbow. Emma plopped down on her purple bean bag chair. Each of the five girls had a bean bag in their colour, and they did not use anyone else’s bean bags, to prevent Emma punishing (more like exterminating) them. Emma eyed a blinking light on a wall. The Supagurls’ bot, Techna, strolled into the room the rest of the Supagurls were in. “Techna!” shouted Emma, pointing at the door Techna had come out of. “I told you, we’re having a briefing! Get out of this room!” Techna hung her robotic head, but only for a moment. She quickly stood up tall and said, “Miss Emma, I have to alert you that there has been a new development.” Emma stared curiously at Techna as she spoke. “The police have banned us from the city of Almera, and from the province of New Orillia as a whole.” Emma, Nevaeh, and Jen hung their heads. Then Tessa spoke up and explained her thoughts. “That means new people to be our victims and the police don’t know our tricks”. Emma nodded her head. She pointed at Tessa and gave a thumbs-up. She LOVED that idea!

When the Supagurls had packed everything they needed,  they set out. They were aiming for a tree-city called Birch Palace in the province of Oldknownplace but, instead, they were headed into the claws of the malicious Dr. McEvilness. They drove 35 miles on the gang’s skytruck, and they had reached a small village halfway along the path to where they were headed when they stopped to rest. Emma ordered (like, actually yelling at the cashier for) lunch. The cashier asked where they were headed, and Emma pointed in the direction of Dr. McEvilness’s castle, for that was where she thought Birch Palace was. The cashier got nervous and said to Emma: “Beware the Doctor. His wicked nature will have you frozen and, once thawed, impaled.” Emma laughed and spray-painted the cashier purple. She thought he was crazy. He wasn’t. When she had gotten to her group, the other gangstas at their table discussed going to Birch Palace, Oldknownplace. Then they drove ahead. Soon, Macaila asked: “Shouldn’t this be Birch Palace?” Emma saw Dr. McEvilness’s castle, and then noticed that the map was upside-down! They had gone the wrong way! The cashier was right! The girls panicked and screamed in horror as a trapdoor shot open beneath their powered down skytruck. Inside the castle, Dr. McEvilness smiled crossing his arms maliciously as the not-so-Supagurls fell to their terrifying nemesis’s home.

Soon, they were stuck in a block of ice, unable to move all but their faces. “This is embarrassing.” Emma, who was in a pose where she could sniff Nevaeh’s (dreadfully stinky) buttocks if she moved her head too far up, complained. Then, a figure (with a VERY big forehead) strolled to the front of the room. Dr. McEvilness was the big-headed figure. He was using a walker-like thingy to keep his forehead from hitting the stone floor. Emma noted this. She eyed the ice right underneath her two front teeth. And then, a voice had the nerve to say something she it really shouldn’t have. “You stinking, fat-bellied, geezer-head!!!” Emma called to Dr. McEvilness. The Doctor looked down at Emma and frowned, his hideous fangs showing. “And what are YOU calling me THAT for?!!?” cried Dr. McEvilness. Emma bit Dr. McEvilness. He recoiled and let go of his walker thingy. His head rolled down, stubbing his hench-ninjas’ toes. Emma rapidly chewed through the ice, and soon everyone was free. The police came in. They arrested Dr. McEvilness and praised the Supagurls. Jen, Tessa, Macaila, Nevaeh, and, last but SO not least, Emma were welcomed with warm hearts and open arms into Birch Palace. The Supagurls were heroines! They kept their name, of course. No more would they break laws.  They would still cause some mischief, but legally. And, as for Dr. McEvilness, his body parts are now used as one-of-a-kind hood ornaments. Sure, it was unfortunate, although he was born a villain.



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