Captain Underpants: Imperfect Storm

this is a fan-fiction story made my me and not even done yet. this one isn’t even 1/2 way done, but i hope you’ll like it anyhow. here you go…

Captain Underpants: Imperfect Storm
(insert all necessary stuff here including new ages)

A blue minivan streamed across the highway. the Beard family owned that specific minivan. George and Harold were sound asleep. Harold’s mother said to George’s dad, “do you know how long we’ll be there?”
“Until the politics say so. We can’t know for sure.” Mr. Beard sighed. they pulled up to the border. George and Harold woke up. A cop saw who was driving. President Donald Trump would not be happy. Trump. Hate the word. The parents shoved the kids out. Nevaeh (Harold’s little sister) motioned for the boys to hide in a bush. “How many?” the border guard asked. Harold’s mother looked at the kids. “I’m their kid.” she said. She had sugarcoated it to give the kids a chance to get away! They walked away. A Canadian Ford Focus drove by and saw them. An 11-year-0ld girl with a pixie-cut and a scarf walked out, reached in the bush, and pulled three leaf-covered, relieved kids out and smiled. “You ready for more?” she asked to the driver. A brown-haired woman with red highlights and red glasses rolled down the window. “Have any currency?” she asked. George and Harold emptied their pockets, revealing exactly $200 in American money. The girl smiled. “I’m Emma, and you can call my mother Leesha.” the kids introduced themselves and headed to their new home.
The kids had lived with their new roommates for a few weeks, and they had gotten used to helping out. The road trip they were on ended in the summer, and they got to see the apartment. Tippy, Emma’s clumsy gray-and-white kitten, strolled up into Harold’s arms, then fell out again. One word: adorable. All four of the kids stepped out. As soon as they did, quiet music came out of Emma’s headphones. It was her MP3. she was playing it too loud. George shouted, “CAN YOU HEAR ME!!!” Emma paused her song and explained that she could only concentrate on one thing at a time. George sighed.
They proceeded to breakfast. Emma whispered an idea into the ears of her peers. The game was called “Don’t Pass The Peanut Butter to Mom”, and it was really fun. “Now that’s playing with your food!” exclaimed Emma, after she explained the game to Leesha. The school was across the street from the house. Emma was originally in the 6th grade, but went back to the 5th, so that she could meet at school with the boys more. It was her decision, anyways. When they were assigned their desks, the lunch bell rang. The kids opened their lunches and found HUGE homemade Rice Krispie squares. And I mean huge! Circular, 10 cm (4 in) in diameter. Biggest in the world. They ate them slowly so they lasted longer, and then the recess bell rang. Emma, Nevaeh, George, and Harold went outside and saw somebody walking their cat. Orange tabby, really fat. Everyone but Emma giggled. In fact, Emma started crying. She ran away, weeping her depressed head off of her depressed butt. “Why’s she sad?” asked George. The too-cool trio decided to try and comfort Emma.
“I had a cat that looked just like that one we saw,” Emma said when her friends had reached her. “He was like a brother to me.” Emma started weeping again, and pulled out a blanket knitted with rainbow-coloured yarn. “This was Newton’s blanket.” George, Harold and Nevaeh assumed that the cat’s name was Newton. Emma’s face turned red, and she started hyperventilating. She was crying too much! Emma pushed a button on her handmade help buzzer. George took immediate action, because he knew CPR. He, of course, did NOT use mouth-to-mouth. Who would on a friend you just met in your youth? I didn’t think so. Emma started breathing normally again. “Thanks.” Emma said to George, rubbing her forehead.
Just then, two bony hands reached out, grabbed Emma, and pulled her into the bushes! The remaining three kids entered the bushes to find Emma’s life being extracted by none other than the Grim Reaper! Emma fell to the ground, but the Grim Reaper was not able to take her life. “My… daughter.” the Grim Reaper said, floating away. Emma woke up. Nevaeh explained what had happened.
Later that day, Emma had already mastered a few dark magic spells. There were three solar eclipses that day, and nobody knew why.


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