the story of Mary the Church Mouse (excerpt)

Hi guys! Emma here, with the first paragraph of another story! this story is generally aimed at older kids, around 10-15. here you go.

Emma lived alone. she was just watching YouTube, looking up videos about a stupid red lizard, when something else came up. “Mary the Church Mouse, pilot episode.” Emma read. “Eh, worth a try.” she clicked it. It was about a scary mouse doll with button eyes and a sewn-up mouth. After the pilot, she saw episode 13. “LOST EPISODE OF MARY THE CHURCH MOUSE” it read in big, bold letters. She clicked it. Mary was telling the audience about her past, when she was a human. Her best friend’s dad had killed her. “I save children when i sense danger,” she said, her nose about an inch from the screen, “I’m saving you too… i’ll be here soon.” Emma’s eyes were glazed over as she pocketed two gigantic serrated knives, her MotoG cellphone, and its solar-powered charger. She then grabbed Chaos, her Sphynx cat (that,conveniently, knew how to speak and understand English), and put him on a leash and tied the other end around her waist. Chaos mewed, “what the heck are you doing, Emms?” Emma pointed both of her knives in opposite directions. “Between my legs, Chaos.” Emma said, rubbing Chaos with her ankle, that now had a hastily put on flip-flop. “I don’t wanna lose you.” then the door opened. It was Mary. “Come with me if you want to live.” she said, whispering through
the dank breeze of outside Emma’s home. Soon, they reached Mary’s house. It looked like an abandoned house, but Mary still lived there. Then, Mary got a baseball bat and whacked Emma and Chaos on the head. They were unconscious.

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