The Omega Squad (story)

𝛀 The Omega Squad 𝛀

Around midnight, there was a green comet in the sky. Nobody noticed, as the citizens of the town were all asleep. The next morning, there was a new student at South Dragon High School. Her name was Sana. there was something about her that the other students liked. She was inside the green “comet”. It was a UFO. She was from another planet. Nobody knew this, but she was also a princess. She was searching for three young heroes to save her planet. Their names were Jared, Luna, and Thomas, and they were all siblings. Jared was the leader of the three, oldest, and strongest, his orangey-blond hair stuck forever against his skull. Luna was in the middle. She was good at sensing what others could not, martial arts, at disguising things, and seeing through illusions. But not at brushing her frizzy black hair. Thomas was youngest, small, agile, and nimble. As well as bald. When they are together, they feared nothing more than bombers, the principal, school lunches, and Donald Trump.
They were in the Cafeteria with their lunches brought from home when Sana came over. She introduced herself and noticed that the three siblings we mentioned a few sentences ago were the ones who would save Atherenix, Sana’s home planet. But they couldn’t just disappear. She needed to have a plan. One that would make sense. One that would give them a plausible reason to leave, or at least a way that the grown-ups wouldn’t notice they were gone… Sana’s face lit up. She told Jared, Luna, and Thomas about her struggles and her plan. She was going to make a device that pauses time when they’re gone. It was brilliant to a human, but not much to her. She was also an award-winning scientist on Atherenix, which is really, really advanced. Sana built the machine, and the three heroic siblings were on their way at the push of a button.
When Sana, Jared, Luna, and Thomas arrived on Atherenix, the humans had a pretty hard time adjusting to the gravity, which was fairly lower than that of Earth. Sana was now slightly shorter, paler, and had a purple tiara on. She was still wearing the lavender dress she was wearing on Earth. Sana smiled. The Earthlings then noticed that they were all wearing different clothes; uniforms, to be precise. Jared’s had a blaster on one arm, his bad arm, and it was a rugged-looking jumpsuit in cherry red. Luna got a sky blue jumpsuit, skin-tight against her slender body, and she had an attached backpack in the same color with loads of illusory equipment in it. Thomas’s uniform was green like the leaves of a maple tree, and it had sheathable, attached claws on the wrists, mufflers on the steam-rockets attached to the thighs, and the whole thing was controlled by brainwaves caught by a machine on the hood of his jumpsuit. All of the siblings’ uniforms had the following symbol in black on the chest (and on Jared’s blaster, Luna’s pack, and Thomas’s rockets and claws): 𝛀 Omega. Symbol of power. Luna piped up cheerily. “Ooooh. Cool. this is my favorite color, too.” Sana grinned, and then hesitantly, yet calmly replied,
“Thank you. It was my design. When you’re on Earth, you’ll also get Omega Pendants in your corresponding colors, that are infused with the same technology as the device I used to bring you here. If you all wish to travel here at the same time, they will bring you here, pausing time on your planet.” Thomas made a tiny, gleeful noise that was a mix between a squeal and a very quiet squawk. Jared got a little agitated, as he does a lot.
“Stop obsessing over the outfits, guys. We needa get going soon or else we’re dead meat for the… whatever it is we’re fighting, to eat.” Thomas and Luna grimaced. Eat them? Sana loathed this idea. She made a disgusted face, and then said,
“Yes. that is correct. The Dark Mage loves the taste of mammalian humanoids. Sadly, I must stay in the Palace. But I may help you along the way, if the personnel in the Palace can reach you.”
The siblings were soon on a rocky path in the mountains, heading East; or at least they thought it was East. either way, it was the way that Sana told them to go. Thomas thought of a name for their little superhero clique: the Omega Squad. Luna shivered as they reached the top of the mountain they were climbing. There was a tree trunk split in half lengthwise next to them. Our heroes exchanged pleased glances. Within a minute, they had converted half of the split tree trunk into a three-person toboggan. Just because they were three sibling superheroes doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have fun, right? They sped down the immense hill at around a hundred MPH for around two minutes of thrills. As the terrified trio approached the bottom of the mountain, they approached a big, rocky bump that sent the three of them flying (Thomas momentarily forgot how his rockets worked at that very moment, so that sentence wasn’t actually literal.) The toboggan hit the top of a tree and broke into bits. Thomas remembered how his rockets worked now, so he zoomed under his brother and sister and caught them both, literally saving their butts.
Soon, they had made their way into a desert and made a rudimentary burrow-like shelter underneath the sand and rocks. Luna cut open a cactus and poured water from it for her and her siblings. Thomas opened the bag of food Sana gave them and discovered one portion just barely big enough for the three of them Jared informed his siblings that their journey would last around two days, if they took no breaks at all, or hadn’t slid down a mountain on a toboggan. Thomas divided the food appropriately, so that they would be able to have two meals every day. Their shelter was cool under the fiery orange sand. When the sibs ascended to find out what the night looked like on Atherenix, the sky was a beautiful lavender shade, and the stars were lime green. There were three and a half moons above their heads, as well as the sand of the desert below them, that was a deep, reassuring copper tone. “I wish that nighttime on Earth was always like this,” Luna said, “This is so pretty.” they reentered their shelter and slept on a tarp until the dawn.
When the siblings woke up, the top of their shelter had fallen through the start of the burrow and caved in on them. Thomas muttered, “It’s lucky that was just a tarp…” as he got up and started climbing out. The trio viewed their surroundings, saw the mountain range from the day before, and started away from it. Jared was busy experimenting with his blaster on his uniform and clenched a fist on the hand underneath. A red burst of light shot from the opening, and set fire to a nearby stick that was just uselessly lying there and is only in this story for that purpose, and, personally, I am GLAD to not have to mention it anymo-
“ALRIGHT ALREADY!” Jared shrieked at the narrator. “YOU DON’T HAVE TO OBSESS OVER THE STUPID TWIG!” Luna cast a dirty look at her older brother. The stick was dust now, no longer on fire. The trio trudged on into the next biome of their path, a forested area that was 100% wild.
Jared was busy trying to refrain from clenching a fist, now that he knew what it would do. It was hard for him to not get angry at all the brambles in our heroes’ path. In fact, when they came to a clearing, all of the trees seemed to purposefully bend over in their way, forcing them to take a detour. By the time they had exited the forest, they were back in the desert they were in before, facing the entirely wrong way. Jared lost it. He pushed his brother and sister out of the way, and set fire to the entire forest, making a once magical-looking mush of green turn blood red with heat.
About an hour later, the forest had become ashes. The three siblings entered the now-black area and found Jared’s anger to be semi-convenient for them. The flame from his blaster completely destroyed the forest. However, the smoke from all the fire brought their enemy, the reptilian Dark Mage, one step closer to finding them. This was proved when a griffon glided in from above and began attacking the Omega Squad. It bit and clawed, but Thomas kicked its face and the griffon fell unconscious. A shot from Jared’s laser and it blew up. They turned in the direction they were supposed to go, and there loomed a great black castle, probably that of the Dark Mage. Luna karate-chopped the wooden door. It broke into a bazillion pieces. Our heroes had come so far, they wouldn’t dare turn around now. They took the three life-changing steps into the grand granite mansion.
The Dark Mage leaped from the uppermost storey and landed on his feet in the large lobby, greeting our heroes with a vicious smirk of impeccably excessive evil. He had no clothing but a belt, the bodily structure of a man, scales all over, fangs like a snake, an iguana’s tail, the hands of a dragon, and dragon’s feet. The trio recoiled as they took sight of his blood-red eyes. Luna started the fight. She managed to climb up onto the magickal monster’s head and bite him. The Dark Mage shrieked in agony, more so when Jared blasted his semi-fire-resistant scales. Thomas used his rockets to zip up to orbit the Dark Mage’s head, distracting him, also clawing out his eyes, yellow blood flew everywhere. The Dark Mage recoiled and smacked our heroes right in the faces. His belt glowed as his eyes grew back, and the singe marks dissipated. Jared now aimed for the belt. One shot. Barely anything happened. Two shots. It cracked in places. Three shots. It shattered entirely, destroying the vicious villain’s regeneration ability with it. The trio repeated what they did before. The Dark Mage couldn’t see anymore, but he could still smell. He semi-accurately targeted the three terrified teenagers for bodyslams and bites, but they always evaded. Thomas clawed most of the scales off the enemy, and then Luna kicked. One more blow from Jared, and the job was done. The palace turned to dust. The heroes of Atherenix were teleported back to the good palace, where Sana congratulated them. “Many thanks,” she sighed, “We are eternally in your debt. Just tell me a small price I can pay you.” Jared replied,
“Why not make another feature of the Omega Pendants you spoke of to give them our uniforms whenever we want, so that if there’s a problem on Earth, we can fix it?” Sana nodded.
“Gladly.” and then she fiddled with a remote. The Omega Squad’s uniforms vanished, and were replaced with their normal clothes and new pendants. The trio was back in the cafeteria, right where they left off. This experience was going to force them to change, whether anyone else knew about it, or not. And the Omega Squad was going to be kept a secret.

𝛀 Fini 𝛀

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